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Here are just a few of the incredible activities in Taveuni.

Amazing Taveuni

The number of things to do in Taveuni will amaze new visitors and keep long-time travelers coming back for more. Taveuni is the rare place that is both deeply spiritual and fun. Whatever your age or interest, whether you are traveling with your loved ones or alone, you are certain to find mental and physical satisfaction. Even during a short visit, you can let loose and explore the cultural and traditional roots of the island. In fact, with so many affordable options, the only hard work in Taveuni is deciding what to do next.

Activities & Tours

Bouma National Park - Tavoro Waterfalls - a series of three falls, all easily accessible on a 3 km long hiking trail. Lavena Coastal Walk - one of the best hikes on the island. Waitavala Waterslide - the water glides down a slab of smooth rocks and into a natural pool.

Scuba Diving

Incredible Dive Spots around Taveuni. Rainbow Reef is a reef in the Somosomo Strait between the Fijian islands of Taveuni and Vanua Levu. It is one of the most famous dive sites in the South Pacific. The Great White Wall is a popular scuba diving site. It is named this because of the white coral inhabiting the area at depths between 15 and 65 meters (49 and 213 ft).


Taveuni is also home to the elusive Orange Dove, and many other fascinating birds such as Goshawks, Herons, Parrots and nearly 100 other species. The most spectacular birds that attracts bird watching visitors from around the world.

Bobby's Farm

Nabogiono Farm (known locally as Bobby’s Farm) 100 acres of natural beauty in the South of Taveuni provides guided tours that is an off-the tourist-trail experience offering a genuine immersion into nature with guided birdwatching walks. A birdwatching tour for 1 hour that starts at first light. There is also a 3 hour guided morning tour that includes a buffet lunch. During the walk your guide will explain about the traditional medicinal plants and you will be able to experience tasting different types of fruit. Bobby’s Farm provides a vegan buffet lunch of which most of the food served is garden to table. There is also the option to have a snorkel off the shore followed by a refreshing lemon leaf tea.

Getting to Taveuni (TVU)

Travelling to Taveuni is just a quick flight from Nadi International Airport (NAN) which is the most direct way to get to the island. Taveuni’s airport is at Matei, and you can fly in from the main island of Viti Levu from either Nadi International or Nausori Airport (Suva). Several international airlines fly into Nadi and they may offer a connecting flight direct to Taveuni as part of your flight itinerary. If not, there are two main domestic island airlines who can fly you to Taveuni. You can book a flight through Fiji Airway’s Fiji Link or Northern Air.

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